Whenever you think of concrete floor you will be forgiven for pondering, cold and professional. It’s hard, resilient properties have managed to get a well-liked for commercial floor coverings. In newer times, concrete has been given a facelift, with experts like Rock Seal using specific tools and ways to unmask its covered beauty. A huge strike with top interior designers because of its chic, luxurious visual, refined concrete is fast becoming the floor of preference for homeowners too. Its durability, zero-maintenance, and high slide amount of resistance give it much popular family-friendly appeal.


Who isn’t shallow as it pertains to choosing an investment partly because of their home? Concrete floor coverings have benefits, but it’s wow factor is exactly what offers people chatting. Already proven from the trend here to remain, its smooth, elegant aesthetic can provide the illusion of space in even the tiniest of areas. Ideal for any room, it works as a bare canvas, and correctly compliments all interiors designs.

As it’s highly stained resilient, polished concrete floors will remain looking good and blemishes are only going to add an enviable rustic elegance. It could be personalized to fit your exact flavor with different colors and designs, indicating it really is a bespoke floor choice.


Polished concrete floor coverings can last an eternity so that it is a savvy investment for just about any home. It’s so cost-effective that it can benefit reduce your home charges. As concrete retains high temperature, refined concrete is an outstanding choice for underfloor warming. Floors will remain warmer for much longer, thus cutting your heating up costs and maintaining your home toasty. It generally does not stop there, casually colored refined concrete can amplify the quantity of natural light getting into your home, indicating less dependence on artificial equipment and lighting and subsequently reducing your electric bills. Click here.


Refined concrete is one of the healthiest floors options for homes as it generally does not harbor dust particles mites, things that trigger allergies or dirt and grime. Its clean, slick lines not only give it a sensational contour but moreover, it’s a breeze to maintain…ideal for a busy home! Unlike carpeting and similar floors types, refined concrete requires only periodic wet mopping to keep it looking its best.


Appears can be deceiving and nothing way more than refined concrete. Its lustrous sheen can provide the illusion of any sloppy surface when in reality it has a higher slip resistance, lowering the chance of injuries at home.

Polished concrete flooring is anti-allergenic and a fantastic choice for allergy suffers such as asthmatics. The dust particles have nowhere to accumulate and because Natural stone Seal’s polishing process uses no Volatile Organic and natural Chemical substances (VOCs), it is safe for both you and for the surroundings. The reason why for choosing refined concrete floor coverings are endless, and it’s really no wonder we’ve seen a recently available surge popular for residential arranging. With Natural stone Seal, no two flooring will be the same! You understand when your booklet around, your surfaces be will unique for your household – making them the perfect base to set-up new memories. Check out this site:

The hottest trends in flooring

In the flooring industry, carpeting is getting softer and better. Flooring wood is getting more roughed-up and vinyl more luxurious. The floor construction sector has been using “Luxury vinyl’s” among the material home buyers are eager to walk on. This the fastest-growing portion of the construction industry in the past few months thanks to the excellent photo technology that mimics wood so closely that you have to look twice to see that it’s vinyl.

The luxurious vinyl is more than just flooring product drawing consumer attention.

Here is the guide to what’s hot underfoot-flooring:


The construction industry and the manufacturer are getting more environmentally friendly each year creating fiber combinations taking softness to a whole new level.  The market is providing carpets that are green. Factories producing this all across the United States recycling nylon into carpeting, while other company melts down polyester and make new fiber over and over for flooring.

In terms, if flooring carpet styles, the trending style is a broad genre called out and loop, in the piles partly cut then curved creating a sculptured look or pattern. This trend is more to a patterned carpet, with a cleaner finish adding some personality.

Customers flooring preferences vary by region with most favor carpeting to use in bedrooms and on stairs.


The advent of the “green room” technology combines kitchen and family rooms into one huge space, thus the frequent use of hardwoods on kitchen floors. Using an incredible plan, having consistent flooring is the big part of that picture, having space “roll.”

The best choice when it comes to wood floors is the laminate versions-“Laminate”: a thin piece of wood on a core made of some other material creating a structural stability, thus have less movement on the floor, and it’s less expensive than solid hardwood.

Homeowners in hardwoods are leaning toward darker stains, primarily gray tones. The flooring trends are also moving toward larger planks using multiple-sized planks and toward more exotic species such as hickory, walnut, and cherry.

 Luxury vinyl

This flooring angle is a bit of stretch; technology has given some vinyl’s a whole new look. The most essential, the process of productivity amounts to taking a photo of wood and printing it’s into the significant cheap vinyl flooring, mostly in the form of squares or planks.

Take a picture of anything and make it into vinyl tiles –it can go into various rooms some of it looking like marble and people place bathrooms.


The use of ceramic tiles is trending-growing bigger literally. Large tile than the standard 12-by-12 inches has more use in flooring, though there us a lot of variation in regional preferences.

The addition of digital prints that you can see on laminate counter tops and vinyl tiles, also doing the same on ceramic flooring tiles, thus ease to find tiles that look like hardwood.

In the US the biggest trend is toward “modular” sizes say rectangular tiles as well as 12 by 24-inch sizes.

Lastly on flooring construction the industry has seen lots of tiles that look like a fabric or like wood most of them have concrete kind of look.

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