Adventurous Getaway in Your Alamo Car

Go on an adventurous getaway in your Alamo car rental and consider new flooring for your home.

Prepare for an adventurous vacation around the US.

Pick your Alamo car rental in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and drive to Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Powell. Stay a couple day and get ready to hike and camp out. Capture great scenic views of the canyon and post to your social media. Now drive your Alamo car rental to Lake Powell. Enjoy the beauty of Glen Canyon and see breathtaking sunrises  and sunsets.

Think of flooring ideas while you’re relaxing at Lake Powell. Play with style and color and consider bamboo. A very hard floor option available in wide plank options. Note that bamboo is prone to moisture so it’s not recommended  to use in living room and kitchen.

Continue on the driving adventure in your Alamo car rental.

Pick up your Alamo car rental in Greenville Spartanburg International Airport and drive to Asheville, North Carolina, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Get ready to  enjoy breathtaking views, go for a challenging hike or have a picnic day. Drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains while your senses enjoy moving scenic views in the road.

Relax and go for a flooring option that is comfortable to walk on and consider cork. Durable and available in limited colors. Like bamboo it is also susceptible to moisture and color fades when exposed to sunlight.

Get back on your Alamo car rental and drive to national treasure full of gems.

Pick up in  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and drive your Alamo car rental to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Hike to the glacier valley and paddle your way in the Snake River. Experience colored hot springs and witness an eruption in action at Old Faithful. Enjoy the mesmerizing views and drive your Alamo car rental to find the closest picnic area. Go on a boat tour around the stunning emerald water of Jenny Lake.

Enjoy the stunning view and think of flooring ideas. Go for a high end combination of hardwood and vinyl and consider luxury vinyl. This option is moisture resistant making it the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms.Or stay  classic and go with added technology flooring and consider reclaimed wood. Timeless hand-hewn looking floor that withstands moisture and is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen.

Continue driving your Alamo car rental to another national  treasure.

Pick up your Alamo car rental in  Bangor International Airport and drive to Bar Harbor, Maine, and Acadia National Park. See spectacular views and experience nature at its best. Go paddling on the rocky coastline and spot whales, falcons and salamanders. Go on a hike and follow  the park’s carriage path to explore Mount Desert Island. Once you’ve completed your exploration of the island you can head to Bar Harbor and enjoy a well deserved meal.

Time to think of last options for your home flooring. Keep it made in the US and go for fresh from forest American Hardwood. Or go for a trendy and durable concrete option. Pick from many colors and finishes that will go with your decor.

Explore the outdoors with your Alamo car rental and pick the ideal flooring for your home.

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